A Funny 10-Year Old’s View of Traveling the World Care of Melanie Martin!

Meet ten-year old Melanie Martin!  Travel with her and her family to Italy, Spain, Amsterdam and visit her in Manhattan in four separate books.  This is diary-format fiction about growing up with lots of art, history, culture and geography mixed in.  Children and adults love Melanie’s adventures – she’s a quirky kid with typical kid troubles like a bratty brother and crushes on a cute boy she meets in Spain.  Carol Weston is the creator of Melanie and she has amassed many fans because her style of writing is funny and right on the mark when it comes to the drama in the lives of ten-year-olds.  I am looking forward to reading these aloud and learning about the places Melanie travels to with her family, not to mention what makes ten-year olds tick – because I have one! 


Melanie in Manhattan (2006)

The Diary of Melanie Martin:  Or How I Survived Matt the Bratt, Michelangelo, and the Leaning Tower of Pizza (2001)

Melanie Martin Goes Dutch:  The Private Diary of My Almost Bummer Summer with Cecily, Matt the Bratt and Vincent Van Go Go Go (2003)

With Love from Spain, Melanie Martin (2005)



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