Scrambled up Geography is the Way to Go

Laurie Keller is FUN.  Fun, fun, fun.  I sat and read through two of her books today (which are Christmas gifts for kids in the family) and either laughed or chuckled at least twenty-five times.  She’s witty, silly, goofy and the all-important criteria for being noted on this blog……..CLEVER.  I can’t recommend her highly enough as a fantastic children’s author, particularly when it comes to learning geography of the United States.  Now I wish she’d tackled world geography and we’d be all set.

Here’s what she has to offer.  These are popular at libraries – but you may want your own copies just so you can touch them periodically (click on books/games for more information):

A DVD version with added material to enhance the story of our country

Card game for ages 8+

Here are a few other books by Laurie Keller that are worth searching for!

For a younger crowd, ages 4-8.  A book about manners!  Maybe the crowd needn’t be young…….

Snippets from the Amazon review:  “…..traces one school day in a classroom of teeth in Open Wide: Tooth School Inside. Fortunately, when Dr. Flossman takes attendance, all 32 teeth are present to take the pledge: ‘And to the gums on which we stand, strong and healthy, with toothbrushes and toothpaste for all.’ The day proceeds with an anatomy lesson (illustrating dentin, enamel, pulp, etc.), which is interrupted only momentarily when Carl Canine badmouths a little molar (hurting his feelings even though he has a hard enamel shell on the outside). Sally Incisor then shares her report on primary teeth (“Babies don’t even need teeth. You never see them eating corn on the cob or anything”), and the Tooth Fairy makes a guest appearance, offering molar-coaster rides and bemoaning the whole “under-the-pillow” idea, which causes her to fear suffocation.”

For the 4-8 age set.  Learning about how useful numbers can be.

Discover how Arnie narrowly escapes being eaten by a human!

Hooray for Laurie Keller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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