Mitochondria Have Opinions, Too! Science With Personality.

I brake for clever.   Three cheers for clever!  Always.  Simon Basher got together with Dan Green and sprinkled the atomic and cellular world with some anthropomorphism; they’ve turned out some charming books packed with personality!  Einstein in non-intimidating fashion is a good thing; these books would be swell supplements or introductions to materials about physics, chemistry, biology, geology and all of the other ologies!  Nice gentle introductions to what is often assumed to be tough material.  Targeted to older elementary and middle school kids; could be used as review for high schoolers, too.  Japanese-inspired art makes the characters appealing and very likeable!  Besides, we should probably develop affection for mitochondria since they do a lot for us, huh?

This may have been the first one in the series.  The 64 elements highlighted apparently have cheeky personalities!

Each book is around 130 pages.  Fun little tomes!


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