Having a Nice DNA – What Could be Better?

Frances Balkwill books are worth a look-see!  She is a Ph.D. researcher in England working on links between cancer and inflammation.  She is also an author of several fun books for children – fantastic presentation of science and biology just at the right level for youngsters from ages 7 and up.  Your kids will eat these up and learn current teachings in the world of cell biology and genetics.  These subjects were a big part of my major in college and I’m certain that much of the material has changed dramatically since then!  I used to do bench research in immunology – ages ago!    I’m even looking forward to perusing these books to get updated on newer news in these fields.  Mic Rolph’s colorful and fun drawings add to the appeal of this series.  If you are embarking on a study of the workings of the human body with your kiddo, these might be just the ticket.

Click on each book for more information.


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