Totally Gross, A Science Game

Played this for the first time yesterday and got a big charge out of it.  It’s quite silly; nevertheless, it covers a good cross-section of scientific concepts.  The ‘Totally Gross’ cards will have you tickling each other’s funny bone most assuredly.

I purchased the little travel game which comes in a metal tin.  It’s tiny and therefore cute (if I may use that word, please.)  Have you ever paid attention to how much the word ‘cute’ is thrown around?  Just place a puppy in your vicinity and you’ll hear what I mean.

The game is available as a regular-size game board, too.  I believe the travel game covers the same items – it just hums along faster and you can tote it around if you like.  You get some silly putty/noise maker stuff with the bigger game set, which reviewers said dried out in a hurry.

Yesterday in the game we hit upon gravitational pull, the purpose of belly buttons, the method which certain birds employ to feed their chicks, interesting birthing techniques of other animals and on and on.  More than once you’ll raise your eyebrows, say “GROSS!”, or get a good belly laugh!

The full-size game

This is the wee little tin version.

* As an afterthought…….the tin version is the perfect size to take along if you go to a restaurant; it’s a tame enough game, too, that you CAN play it in public without too much embarrassment, although you might need to lower your voice now and then when talking about mating habits or boogers.


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  1. I love your blog, it is so hard to find resources that are not religion based. Thanks so much for all the great ideas!

  2. […] about honey bees and human eyes.  Many documentaries were watched via Netflix.  We played the Totally Gross game, enjoyed software like Clue Finders and went to see Slim Goodbody.  Stephen Hawking wowed us with […]

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