The Art of Math

Since we’re on the subject of mixing stuff together, let’s look and see how math and art get along when they are ingredients within the same book.  Seems like they meld beautifully into some tasty possibilities!  Some children might resonate with this unique and creative take on math concepts.

As always, click on the books to link to more information and to exert your purchasing power!  Better yet, check your local library.

Hal Torrance uses art activities and humor to teach math concepts.

The follow-up to Hal Torrance’s first book.

In this unique book, you’ll find dozens of creative projects that make a natural connection between math and art. Students make “stained glass windows” to explore geometry, create a “multiplication house” to reinforce basic multiplication facts, design “fraction flags” and make “place value” snakes! Plus: projects involving number sense, measurement, patterns, symmetry, statistics, and more.  Maybe the concepts aren’t so broad in this book – I like “big” concept books that stretch your imagination.

I couldn’t find any information regarding ‘age appropriateness’ of this book.  Judging by the cover (hah!) it looks a little more complex?  Sorry – can’t tell.


2 Responses

  1. Hi There,
    This is my visit to your blog. It is wonderful to see some great resources here. I thought I should add this link regarding arts and math..I blogged about geometric art which may be of use to you?


    • Hi Subadra,
      I don’t need to tell you that your blog on blogspot is simply and utterly amazing. Well, I will anyway – it is! What an effort you have put forth to help others find their way in this homeschooling way of life. I will visit your blog often and will learn from your experiences. Thank you for pointing it out to me and hopefully others who check in on my blog. The kolams are beautiful on so many levels. Thank you for sharing them and an important tradition in your culture with us as well. Math is a big part of our fabric of being, isn’t it? -Vicki

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