Grand Central Homeschooling

Last week I set out on a project to move all of our homeschooling materials into a spare bedroom and turn it into a resource center of sorts.  I’ve been sorting, stacking, filing, piling, and generally engaging in mess-making mayhem.  It’s great!  I love to mess things up; unfortunate, though, because my follow-through lacks a certain joie de vivre.  Rats!  Why can’t I just be a complete package?  The room is dutifully adhering to the rule that before anything gets neater, it gets WAY messier first.  I’m beginning to see spots of the carpet shining through, so that must be a good sign.  When it’s done it will serve as ‘one-stop grabbing’, a central place where I can go to grab whatever we are using for the given day.  Prior to last week’s cleaning binge,  our books, games, papers and materials were spread willy nilly throughout the house in piles, driving me fruit.  Already I can feel a sense of peace about at least having everything in one room – equipped with a door we can shut to block the clutter!  Nothing better than a clutter blocker.

In my head I live this glorious vision of organization, of on-top-of-it existence, everything in its place, stuff at my fingertips when I need it, control of my environment – you know…..the unattainable perfect life!  Outside my head, well, it’s a heavy dose of reality that I sometimes just have to face.  Januaries are usually the impetus to get me rolling in a direction of some sort, whether it be regular exercise (again), becoming a vegetarian (27 days and counting!), or just getting my act together.  Impossible.  Curse the Januaries!  No, just kidding.  It’s good to start out the new year with goals and changes in mind.

The homeschooling room is coming along.  There are posters about volcanoes, art, local geology, museum exhibits (all freebies from a teacher’s conference), book shelves that are gradually filling up.  There’s even a twin bed shoved (gently and aligned correctly) into the corner that serves as a makeshift couch if we want to curl up and read there.  Now I’m on the hunt for a table and chairs that we can sit at occasionally, something inexpensive or better yet – free!  I’ll be checking Craigslist and Freecycle for said item shortly.  The intent is not to lock ourselves in that room during the hours Max is working on learning – hardly.  The intention is to put everything in a central location and try hard to keep it from wandering all over the house.

I am very diligent about recording what we do on a daily basis and keep file folders for each subject covered.  I also  keep a narrative going about the concepts we’re covering and how Max reacts to ideas, projects or experiments.  It’s a diary that I imagine will be pleasurable to read one day when he’s fifty and I’m really old (maybe I should type it in BIG PRINT.)  It’s also something helpful to keep on hand should laws in our state change and we need to come clean about the homeschooling done behind our closed doors.  May it never happen!  I love the freedom of being able to teach Max in whatever direction he wants to go.

So, bubbling with excitement about the lack of piles in the main part of our living space.  Also burbling about the change to vegetarianism.  You seriously wouldn’t believe how good some of this food is!  Stressing a little about those piles that have moved to the homeschooling room, behind that clutter blocker of a door.  Knowing that it’s still January and I can get the job done.


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