Silly Reading to Entice Reluctant Readers

Especially if those reluctant readers happen to be boys around the ages of 8 to 11!

Max brought me up to date this morning during breakfast about his current foray into this first book.  Judging from the words tumbling from him, he is having a great time reading.  It’s sheer silliness from an author who likes to have fun and illicit giggles galore from his readers.

On the back of the book it states:  “Rated G for ‘Gross’.  Contains immature material not suitable for adults.”  If you are comfortable saying the word ‘butt’ in your household, you might find these books to be acceptable.

It’s innocent stuff, though.  I understand if you think this type  of reading is inappropriate.  I decided to let Max have a go at it and he’s kicking some royal reading butt!  The author is clever and careful in his use of terminology – he clearly has a grasp of what makes kids laugh.  Thank you, Andy Griffiths, for providing some unusual entertainment and an incentive to keep reading!  Mr. Griffiths is an Australian author, so the original title of this first book is The Day My Bum Went Psycho.

Based on a true story?  That alone is funny.  It’s about a young boy whose bum decides to go rogue and try to conquer the world.  A butt-fighting team forms to try and stop the madness and from here on out the terminology gets very zany.

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger. Author Kevin Bolger keeps the humor rolling with his series of books about the Kingdom of Armpit in which a hapless knight must try to save good from evil.  He’s said to be a very potent knight!

Sir Fartsalot Meets the Booger

There may be a few other books in the Fartsalot series, but I’m unable to find pictures of them.  One may be called Sir Fartsalot Cuts the Cheese?

Again, my apologies if this type of material offends you!  Dare I even tag this one under the literature category?


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