More Great Geography Games

Our planet is really very small. Over time it’s not hard to gradually introduce our kids to the wonders of various locations across the globe. Gradually is the operative word here, I think. Rather than drill work (ack – let’s all slump over and express our collective distaste), GAMES are a much more palatable option. We’ve been playing The Amazing Mammoth Hunt game and have gradually (there’s that word again – see how important it is?) been ingesting more information about where things are on Planet Earth. Next year, in ‘fifth’ grade, we’ll tackle the intricacies of locations in the United States more closely, I think. For now we’re looking at the whole big wide world. And I’m finally getting the Eastern Block countries sorted out, not to mention the wonderful puzzle of Africa’s countries and how they all fit together.

Here are some geography games, world and otherwise, targeted to this particular learning venture. I did a separate post about The Amazing Mammoth Hunt game, so I’ll just place a picture of the game here in this listing.  As always, click on the pictures to link to more information about the games.  They’re all awesome!

Excellent quality besides being a fun game to play.  I’m impressed with the sturdiness.  Learn world geography.

Six games on six levels of play offer players of all ages a complete up-to-date tour of world geography. Learn the names, locations and vital facts of all 196 countries! Players will learn facts about every country in the world including; country name, continent, flag, capital, population, rank in size, literacy rate, monetary unit, languages, religions, imports, exports and seacoasts.Game includes 6 region maps (Africa, Asia, Europe, North American, South America and Oceania), 196 country cards, 6 wild cards, 1 spinner, 1 bodies of water reference board, 120 playing pieces and instructions.For 2 – 6 players, ages 8 and up.

Now there’s a question one could ponder over…….do I know where I am?  Lots of levels of meaning there.  This game sports 3,000 questions and delves not only into location, but events, culture, history, sports and natural wonders.  There is also a handicapping system to help newbie geographers compete with a person who has traveled the globe extensively.  For ages 10 and up, which is so subjective.

Out of the Box Ten Days in Europe.  You get to spend 10 days in Europe and plan your travels, trying to outwit other travelers by strategizing your plans.  This game is one of a series from Out of the Box Publishing.  You can also spend 10 days in Asia, Africa, and the USA.

Brain Box is just so catchy, so it gets extra points.  This is a memory game!  Each player gets 10 seconds to look at a card to memorize details, then must turn it over.  The other players get to quiz about details on the cards and see how much the person remembers about a country.  The game is made from recycled materials, so it gets even more bonus points!  Those clever Mindware folks are a-okay.  A Brain Box about the USA is available, too.

Mindware Atlas Adventure is the exciting world discovery game where players have to build a world map. But beware! Continents or oceans may have to be traded with other players. Advanced players have to answer challenging multiple-choice questions. Level 1 is for ages 7+ and Level 2 is for ages 12+. By using the different levels, all the family can play the game together.

Players move around the map game board and answer questions about cities,
states, lakes, rivers, oceans, national parks, crops, industries, and more.
When they answer a question correctly, they’ll earn that state’s flag.
The first player to collect 6 state flags, wins the game.

The subject matter looks to be a little more simplified, but the concept is a great one – use your entire body to learn!  Recommended for ages 7 and up.

I could search and search and come up with board games that at their heart, have the same format.  The above are listed to get you searching for, pondering over, and hopefully choosing a great geographical game!  Best wishes in your hunt and may you have lots and lots of fun exploring our little piece of the solar system.


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