A Mouse’s Guide to Latin

Minimus is a mouse with a mighty task – to facilitate an elementary course in Latin!  These books are rated for the 9-12 year old, but ‘much’ older students would enjoy the introduction, too – we adults stand to learn something here!

A grasp of Latin is the key to fully understanding not only the English language but many others.  It is foundational stuff.  Minimus presents lessons in a non-overwhelming manner; his cute little face encourages us to give it a try.  The caricature drawings in the book are light and friendly, drawn in cartoon fashion.  The lessons are not difficult and  dispersed throughout the book are interesting tidbits about Roman Britain’s history.

No need to fear the pronunciation monster!  An audio CD is available to complement the text, as is a teacher’s guide to help us over the humps (seems like the CD is a good purchase since there is no other pronunciation guide offered.)

You’re not a geek if you study Latin.  Rather, you are incredibly intuitive to realize that looking at the fundamentals of our language can serve a person well throughout a lifetime.  Invite Minimus into your home and read him together!

Click on the books for more information:

Minimus Pupil’s Book:  Starting out in Latin by Barbara Bell

Teacher’s Resource Guide

The audio CD for the first book; sounds like (no pun intended!) is quite helpful since a pronunciation guide is not included.  Well, rats.  Sorry, Minimus.

Minimus Secundus Pupil’s Book:  Moving on in Latin

The teacher’s resource for Minimus Secundus

The audio CD for the second book

Now, one thing I did notice and do not like is that the teacher’s books are exorbitantly pricey at near $70 a piece!  What’s that about?  The other texts are in the $15 range at this writing.  Maybe you could go in on the teacher’s guides with another family or two and pass the course around?  Or better yet, maybe these are available at the good ol’ library.  Let’s hope.


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