Mr. Slim Goodbody – A One-Man Show Teaches About the Human Body

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We went to see this show recently and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  Lubba.  Dubba.  The heart pumps twice for every beat, right?  Half the auditorium were the ‘lubbas’, we were sitting in the ‘dubba’ section.  The chant began (lubba dubba…lubba dubba…lubba dubba) and caused the giggles to ripple through the seats.  We giggled a lot during the show.  It’s clever (there’s that famous word again!) and thoroughly entertaining.

John Burnstein is the man in the Slim Goodbody costume and his mission is to teach kids about how their bodies work and how amazing they are!  He travels through most of the body systems up on stage with the help of a well-choreographed movie on a screen behind him, not to mention the organs imprinted all over his full-body costume (they are hard to miss.)  He teaches, makes you laugh and helps you understand.  This is a wonderful show for both kids and adults.  In fact, that’s Slim’s fundamental message – that our bodies are full of wonders and that makes us wonderful.  You can’t beat that message.  Not only does he detail our body systems (i.e., circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive, etc.), he encourages kids to take care of their bodies via sound nutrition, exercise, and rest – and to avoid smoking.

This show is traveling throughout the country on a national tour.  Tickets are inexpensive and you can also purchase supplementary materials to use at home after the show.

Who is Slim Goodbody?  Here’s a quote from his site,

“In 1975, John Burstein created the Slim Goodbody character to help him teach healthy living at the Floating Hospital in New York. Five years later, the character exploded on PBS with his first television series The Inside Story. Today, Slim Goodbody hosts the amazing National Bodyology Tour and now dozens of new characters enhance the full K-8 school curriculum.

Slim Goodbody has entertained children with his unique, exciting and enlightening shows for 30 years. Currently his programs air on over 120 public TV stations nationwide and he has authored more than a dozen children’s books. Donning his signature outfit, he educates children by combining humor, music and incredible visuals into an inspiring performance.”

Here’s the link to his upcoming live shows.

Here’s the link to his health and fitness store.

If he’s coming to your area, don’t miss the chance to see him!


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