A Mini Study in Honeybees

I just got done stating in the post before this one that nothing will really link together in the next six weeks because we are not following a unit study.  We’re winging it!  Flyin’ by the seat of our pants.  And I must say, it’s kind of fun.  Well, I take those original words back about things linking up – hah!  Maybe it’s because I’ve been operating one way for so many weeks now that I subconsciously need things to link up and be additive?  Don’t know, but I just “happen” to have stumbled upon a NOVA documentary that was a perfect fit for Clan Apis, the book by Jay Hosler, Ph.D. we read last week.  Honest – I wasn’t looking for the DVD!  It just magically appeared!

These two go together like bread and butter, Nutella and strawberries (okay……here’s what you do.  Spread Nutella thickly onto two pieces of bread.  Slice up a few strawberries and sandwich them between the oozy gooey slices.  Then, brace yourself because it gets even better.  Grill the sandwich in a pan or in a Panini press thingy.  You’ll never be the same!)


Three cheers for honeybees!  Twenty-five cheers for Nutella/strawberry sandwiches.  Send me a comment if you try the sandwich!


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