Revel in Grossness!

The analytical study of gross is called grossology.  Subject matter perfect for boys around the age of ten!  Some of these would make for interesting adjunct studies within a human body unit study, so they are going on the list.  Max tends toward the squeamish, so I will have to wait until he’s ready to handle some of this material, or we’ll have to pick through them and hit the high points.  In the meantime, I’ll tell you about them!  There seems to have been an explosion of ‘gross’ books of late…….but that just gives us more to choose from, though, doesn’t it?

On with the grossness!  Click on each book for further information or to exercise your purchasing prowess!

Blisters and toe jam.  Ugh.  Enough to make you want to open up and take a peek?  Lots of interesting body biology here.

A veritable treasure trove of activities celebrating the ‘grossness’ of our bodies.  It’s all in how you look at it and this book makes learning about your body FUN (and biologically educational).  This would be a fantastic material for an adult to teach to several kids in a class format – imagine the laughter!  I’m not even going to tell you about the cookie recipe in here.

There’s more than likely some overlap between these books, so take a look at their table of contents and decide which direction to take off in if you are inclined to head to Grossville – there are certainly numerous ways to get there!  You can even look at the 100 most frequently used words for each book to get a feel for content.

Extending beyond the domain of the human body.  Vomit munchers, blood slurpers, slime makers and dookie lovers.  Have you ever met one?  You probably have!  Ugh.

Sylvia Branzei is the author of the above Grossology series.  There are other authors out there who write within this fascinating genre, too:

Unusual foods throughout history and within different cultures.

Then there’s the Oh Yikes! and Oh Yuck! series – but they seem a little too strong for my tastes.  I didn’t post any of their materials here.  You can search for them if you like.

Stuff to get you started on getting grossed out.  Nothing could be more gross, which is a gross understatement.  Have fun squealing and getting squeamish!


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