Cheers to Homeschoolers Supporting One Another

I discovered a super resource a few days ago in the form of a homeschooling site based in Colorado.  It’s called CHEER and stands for ‘Colorado Home Educator’s Eclectic Resource.’  Here’s what Ann, the mom who is responsible for this creative entity, says:

“As a long-time, homeschool mom and an obsessive cheerleader for homeschooling, I look at that potential and want it to come to realization with all my heart. Community is key for a well-rounded, homeschool success.  Community is created by connection.  CHEER is the place for all of Colorado’s homeschoolers to connect in a positive, meaningful way.”

You needn’t live in Colorado to benefit from perusing Ann’s site.  It’s brimming with resources, curriculum ideas, philosophies about homeschooling and input from other moms and dads.  If you do happen to reside in Colorado, contact Ann and join CHEER.  Attend the spring conferences, support one another and continue to learn about the wonderful endeavor of homeschooling!

CHEER is hosting TWO GIVEAWAYS, so pay attention 🙂   Here are the links to find out more about the giveaways.  There’s nothing better than a giveaway, you have to agree!

Link to CHEER Giveaway #2

(That link will also get you to CHEER’s website).

Some of the items being given away………

1. A 10 book series called Artistic Pursuits

2.  Vacation in a Florida condo

3.  Joy Hakim’s The Story of Science (3 book set)

4. Gift cards to Amazon

And more!

CHEER giveaway #1 items are intended for Colorado homeschoolers.  CHEER giveaway #2 items are for homeschooling bloggers and facebook followers.

Go check it out!

You can find Cheer on Facebook here.

Thanks, Ann, for letting me post about it and for offering such fabulous support to other homeschoolers – where would we families be without support from each other?


2 Responses

  1. My thoughts exactly! Where would we be without support from each other. I look forward to meeting you at the conference. : )


  2. Me, too! Have fun cheering people on – it’s time well-spent!

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