Max learns best when he has a fidget of some sort in his hand to play with, be it a Lego guy, a Bakugan figure, or the Rubik’s cube.  I’m setting up a fidget basket close to where we work on school stuff so that they are always at the ready.

I searched for various fidgets the other day with some criteria in mind:  it can’t make annoying noises, it must be relatively small, and foremost, it must be CHEAP.  Nerf guns, the Magic 8 Ball and stuffed animals that squeak when squeezed all have failed the test, so they have been sent to Max’s room.  I’m happy to report, though, that there are oodles of fun fidgets available if you are in the market for some.

You can search OT catalogs for such contraptions, or just do a search online.  We purchased a few and Max is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the UPS truck so he can add to the fidget collection.  I should have recognized this tendency by the time he was around 2 years of age.  He absolutely had to have small objects tucked into his pockets so they would always be accessible should he need them.  That desire has not left and I think it’s here to stay, so it’s up to me to make sure he has access to the things which help him concentrate.  I wouldn’t say he flirts with ADHD – he’s just prone to MOVING like any other ten-year old boy who has a world to explore.

Here are some ideas for fidgets.  Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on them, too.  All of these are available at Trainer’s Warehouse where they carry ‘innovative, playful tools to enliven learners‘!

Squid Ball with stretchy tentacles

Wacky Tracks – I like this one a lot.  Today Max made alphabet letters while I read to him.

Similar to the toy above, only this one is much quieter.  The Wacky Tracks makes clicking noises.

Glitter ball to squish

Flexi Blox

Bumpy Gel Ball

Neat concept.  Fidget pencil.

Fiddler’s Lite Loops.  A 4″ light-weight wire doo-dad that can be shaped into all kinds of 3-D designs.  Not sure about the noise level on this one, though.

You could name him!  More expensive than the others at $6 each, but he looks pretty cool.

Fiddler’s Kabob – magnetic discs float and don’t touch each other – unusual!

DNA ball.  Ewww.  I ordered it!

Most of these are in the $2 to $3 range, so not terrible.

Another fun place to check out is Office Playground – some wacky stuff there, too.


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