So, I’m Judging a Math Curriculum According to the Sound of a Guy’s Voice?

Far be it from me to rely on first impressions – hah!  The Teaching Textbooks math program has arrived on the scene here in our house and SO FAR SO GOOD.  Greg Sabouri, an author of TT, is a fun teacher with a very pleasant voice.  How’s that for using instinct to key in on what works?  Kind of silly, really.   But Max is enjoying the lectures (which are short and sweet), and he’s cruising through the practice problems.

Since Max detests math worksheets, the TT format, for him, is brilliant.  All of your work is done on the computer screen with the click of the mouse and the use of your neural pathways, the ones which conjure up the answers to ‘what’s an addend’?  and ‘what’s the communicative property of addition?’  Not hard because all you do is place yourself in a chair, make yourself comfortable, and hit the play button to get the CD rolling. 

We’ve started with Math 4, even though we just finished up 4th grade.  Back to the beginning, more or less, but I did this for two reasons.  The first several lessons are EASY and he will experience success with these.  Plus, it’s important to go back and fill in those gaps with a little math caulk before moving on to next year.  My sinister plan is to continue with a lesson a day through the month of June and then officially embark upon some summer fun.  We aren’t doing any other school-related activities other than math for the next month.  He should be able to stomach that (I hope). 

So, Mr. Sabouri’s voice is friendly and fun, we’ve got nothing else on the school docket for the month of June, and Max loves to be in front of a computer.  I am optimistic that Teaching Textbooks will save the day – at least it will quell a lot of the anxiety I’ve had about math.  Hmm.  There’s a statement – Max probably felt my anxiety all year long (of course he did) and my anxiety probably made his math anxiety worse than it needed to be (of course it did).  See how much you really learn while homeschooling????  Maybe it should read, ‘see how much you learn while parenting’.  This homeschooling venue is a fascinating place for parents and children alike.  As long as we pay attention to stuff like that, I think we’ll be just fine. 

Thanks, Mr. Sabouri, for putting together what looks to be a stellar math program that fits my kiddo’s learning style.  And thanks for having a very nice voice.  Off to a great start!


4 Responses

  1. A few years ago I got the MUS sample DVD in the mail and I couldn’t hardly look at the program because the guy (and his voice) annoyed me too much. 3 years later….my 2nd son is using it anyway. I am looking at Teaching Textbooks for when my oldest needs a new one in a couple years….

    • I read you loud and clear! We watched the MUS tutorials and felt although the methods were great, they were a little too parent-intense. Maybe you and I have sensory issues with people’s voices :). I hope you find Teaching Textbooks to be valuable for your second son – best wishes with the curriculum. So far so good on this end and now I must sell MUS Gamma!

  2. I had to laugh when I read this! I couldn’t stand the guy on MUS- his voice, mannerisms, the whole deal just made me tune out and it did the same for my daughter. She finally is ok with Math and this is our second year using TT- it really turned things around for us. I have never liked Math and unfortunately my daughter feels the same way, but now it’s not an issue- she does it on her own and she’s actually doing well. This year is Algebra- so far so good! Best part- she’s getting it, second best- the guys voice doesn’t make me leave the room!

    • I’m so glad to hear that your daughter is liking the TT curriculum. The only thing that bugs me about it is when the little mouse shouts, “time for hint!!”. That gets on my nerves. Maybe that little mouse tones it down in the lessons for older kids – does he? We are happily chugging along this year with Math 4. It is easy for Max, so it makes me think he actually learned something last year in all of our jumping around. Best wishes with algebra and best wishes for a really great homeschooling year!

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