Busy Body

That could mean so many things!  The older neighbor lady with the pointy nose who peeks over your backyard fence, sporting her curlers and robe……… or a body that is constantly in motion, one that never sits down!  Well, to clarify, I’m writing about a tool that you may find useful, perhaps even indispensable as you prepare for next year’s homeschooling adventure (which will probably get rolling in August or September, by the way…..which isn’t that far off).

For the last three years I have toted these around and have relied heavily upon them to keep me walking in a straight line, more or less.  They have been scribbled in to the point that some weeks at a mere glance looked completely nuts, so much so that they made me pause and wonder what I was doing with my life!  Funny how a bird’s-eye view can do that for you – those birds are on to something, I tell you.  I’m referring to the Busy Body Family Organizer/Family Calendar:

This is the one I just ordered because I liked this cover option best.  Here’s what these books look like on the inside:

I can tailor this perfectly to all things US.  Usually the categories go something like this:  Max, Me, Family, Animals, House, but they can be changed to suit any mood.  Some weeks can even say ‘Me, Me, Me, Me and Me’!  No, just teasing.  I love the lined sheet on the left side and constantly fill that with lists and other oddities that tumble forth when I want to remind myself to take care of some task of some sort.  This book has saved me more than a few times!  I save them and throw them into a plastic storage container in case someday I want to look back at all of those crazy, busy body days!  Which I will probably do someday.

Funny, too, how when the new one arrives I write ever-so-neatly in it.  After a month or so I’m scribbling madly in it just to get the words down.  Soon it becomes dog-eared, bent and dirty.  Some weeks go by without so much as a mark because it’s either way too quiet or I’ve given up and thrown in the towel and am lying on the floor somewhere, curled up in a fetal position because I can’t keep up.  At any rate, these calendars make life a bit easier to manage!

You can also grab a wall calendar, or they have a nifty pad that would lay on the top of a desk.

I find this system incredibly helpful, especially when homeschooling.   Check out their website!  These, of course, are also available on Amazon.


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