Some Fun Summer Books

I’m addicted to a few things.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa

2.  iced green tea

3.  my computer – if I’m forced to be away from it for more than a few days, I start to shake

4.  chickens!  No, not as in ‘eating’ them, but as in raising them, enjoying them and harvesting their nummy eggs

5.  most animals, really.  I’m pro-pet for sure!  Except for maybe tarantulas and lizards.  I can’t seem to muster affection for them.  Guess an animal needs to have fur or feathers in order for me to connect with him or her (wait a minute……tarantulas have fur.  So maybe I’ll just toss the previous sentence out the window.)

6.  good reading material be it Backyard Poultry magazine (my latest subscription), Eating Well, or a fabulously engrossing novel about a woman in the 1940’s living on a chicken ranch (seriously – it’s called The Egg and I and was written by Betty McDonald.  I just read it and laughed my way through it).

6.  AMAZON!  I use Amazon almost daily to research and pile things into my wish list.  Then I visit the library.

Max needs good books to stick his nose into, too.  Today he’s started to break into these clever and fun books; it makes me feel good when I peek in his room before lights out to see him hungrily devouring a book.  Oftentimes after I’ve shut off his light, he turns it back on when he thinks I’m out of range so that he can keep reading.  Should I get after him for this?  I generally don’t – there’s nothing like losing yourself in a book.

Here are the books we’ve recently added to the bookshelves for summer  reading –  I chose them based on pure fun and entertainment.  Click on each book to learn more about the story lines!

This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ book with 3,856 possible endings.  It’s a maze of choices and outcomes!  Kind of like life.  I’ve heard Max laughing several times this evening while this book was open on his lap.

Some friends returned this book to us today and I remembered that we liked the story a lot, so I’m including it in this list.  Humphrey is the kind of hamster you need to meet!  A feel-good story.  Humphrey continues to have other adventures in other books, but we haven’t read them.

Graphic novels are a bit of a buzz these days.  Max likes them and can get through them pretty quickly.  He always goes back for more, though, and re-reads parts and pages.  Dave Pilkey’s latest book about two bumbling cavemen is not out just yet, but will be in early August. 

Of course, Calvin and Hobbes carried him through the first part of the summer.  I LOVED Calvin and Hobbes while growing up and consider those books to be part of a large chunk of my childhood.  That type of humor is priceless and oh-so-fun.  I am so happy that Max has taken a liking to them – Calvin is one interesting child!

I was hoping to read the Little House on the Prairie series to him over the summer, but it’s just not happening.  Someday we are going to dive into James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small series, too.  Another big chunk of my childhood – such grand memories of reading about life in Yorkshire and a country vet!  That’s bliss.

Happy summer reading!  Hope you have your nose in some good books, too.


4 Responses

  1. lol. The “Meanwhile” book seems insane. 🙂 As a follower of the gamebook genre myself, this story seems like something out of left field entirely. I’m assuming the 3,856 possibilities are the 3,856 little cartoon pictures placed into the book. If the book has 80 pages that would mean each page would have 48.2 pictures on each page. They must be pretty small cartoon pictures to fit so many on one page.

    • The story starts out with the main character picking out a flavor of ice cream in an ice cream shop – at the bottom of the page you choose chocolate or vanilla. Based on what you choose, you are led into a crazy maze of those 3,000 some possibilities of outcomes. It’s wild. It also seems to be a good vs. evil kind of story with some bad guys focused on doomsday – as you can imagine, then, some of the endings are not so good for humankind. We needed to use the tip of a pencil last night to follow the trails after each decisions – it got pretty hairy! Worth checking out.

  2. I think I can visualise the inside of the book based on what you have said (and the front cover page as well). It seems quite an achievement. I think it will be something I will have to look at acquiring at some stage.

    Thanks for the review of it. I read some of the reviews on Amazon as well.

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